NASHVILLE, TN to Anniston, AL

May 14th Mother’s Day — Anniston

Anniston, KKK fire bomb the bus.

This is the site of the famous Greyhound Bus carrying the Freedom Riders traveling from Nashville heading to Birmingham through Anniston. The bus was forced off the road and fire bombed. This captured the attention of the rest of the nation and exposed the extreme racism that existed in the south in 1961.

Believe it or not, no one was killed in this attack. But the KKK sure did try!

No one was killed, but the bus was burned to a mere shell.

The first time I saw this picture that I can remember was last semester in the Politics of the South class. I was shocked by this picture and couldn’t believe it had happened in 1961.  It made the politics of the south real for me. This scene was like something out of South Africa! Segregation in the south is apartheid.  This is the second attack on the Freedom Riders in Anniston. Klansmen attacked the Freedom Riders as the arrived at the Trailways Bus station in Anniston earlier in the day. (There were two rides that day. One on a Greyhound bus and the other on a Trailways bus).